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We About active African vacations Trips
What types of trips do we offer?
Do you design custom or private trips?
What’s included in your price?
What are the accommodations like?
What is the food like? Is it a problem if I don’t eat certain foods?
How do you rate the difficulty of your trips and do I need prior experience?
What is the group size?
What do I need to bring?
Can I bring my children?
What will the weather be like?

What are the Kilimanjaro, Elgon, and Rwenzori Mountain like?
Where is East africa?

What’s the terrain like?

Preparing to Take a Trip
How do I sign up?
What’s the deposit and payment schedule?
What information will I receive once I sign up?
Do I need travel insurance?
Do I need a visa?
What if I want to extent to another trip or even cancel my trip?
Can you help me with selecting the best place for my vacation plans?

About Active African Vacations Trips

What types of trips do you offer?
Active African Vacations offers different  types of guided
experiences; Camping Expeditions, gorilla trekking tours, Honey moon
tours, Chimpanzee habituation Tours&trekkings, Horse riding tours,
Rafting tours  and Educational vacations.

On our vacations tours we stay in camps, lodges,Gust houses, Hotels
as we travel or hike through remote regions. A few expeditions require
previous experience but most do not.
On our Trips we stay. We offer mountain trekking and multi-adventure
vacationTrips. We stay at lodges, guest houses of which Accommodations
are double & triple occupancy. Single supplements may be available on
some trips .

We also offer Educational tours  that are open to anyone with an
interest in adventuring and exploring east Africas  Wilderness with
practical  See All About Our Trips

Do you design custom or private trips?
Active African vacations designs and organizes customized trips for
individuals, families and organizations including youth camps,
corporations and travel companies. Customized trips are a great way to
create that special experience. You can set your own dates for one of
our regular trips or have us create a trip that meets your specific
goals and desires. We handle all the details: Accommodations,
Transportation, Guides, Logistical Support, Meals..

What’s included in the price?
The price includes: All meals, transportation from our first day till
the last day, hostels, hotels and camping (included in the itinerary
where stated), first and last nights lodging, storage of luggage,
group equipment.
The price does not include: visa fees  ( a passport is required, but
tourist Visas are not required for  USA residents who are visiting
Rwanda  though are appricable to visitors from other countries air
fare, airport fees and taxes, travel insurance, optional tipping to
our guides not included in the itinerary, alcoholic beverages, medical
fees, personal equipment, , personal expenses such as laundry,
telephone calls etc.

What are the accommodations like?
All accommodations are comfortable and nice and clean and it meets
international standards . On our “Expeditions” we normally stay in
lodges & camp sites most of the time, but may stay in guesthouses, or
hostels in case are students as well. Accommodations are based on
double occupancy and single supplement may be available on some trips
upon request.

What is the food like? Is it a problem if I don’t eat certain foods?
We are very conscious of providing healthy and delicious meals. We
carry a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and spices to compliment
our main courses. During most of our trips there are opportunities to
stop along the way and purchase fresh food, and other local
delicacies. We are happy to accommodate special dietary desires and
restrictions. Notify us during the sign up process and we will be sure
to meet your needs.

How do you rate the difficulty of your trips and do I need prior experience?
We do not "Rate" the difficulty, we have found that it is far more
practical to simply have people review the trip descriptions and
itineraries. All our trips and vacations are designed for active
individuals in good physical condition. The more fit you are, the more
enjoyable your experience will be. You do not need prior experience
unless it is specified for a particular trip. Many of our trips are
designed for people who simply have an interest in adventuring. Our
staff is eager to introduce you to a new interesting sites activity in
a safe and comfortable manner. That’s what makes unique in our

What about group size?
We limit our group size to 12 or 20 depending on the trip. All trips
have at least two leaders. This provides you with an excellent guide
ratio of 1:4 or 1:6. This allows us to optimize safety, provide
personal attention and easy group management. It gives you a quality
experience with plenty of personal attention and a comfortable social

What do I need to bring?
We provide the  plier knowledge on what is needed to come along with
on some trips we do provide camping equipment such as tents and cook
sleeping bags  but You are responsible for your personal equipment. A
detailed personal equipment list will be sent to you after signing up.

Do I need to be able to speak another language?
No, this is not necessary. Most our guides speak English. Each Active
vacation trip has at least one  or 2 guides who is liquistic. In
English and Germany most locals speak some English. Communication has
never been an issue on our trips. Most often it has been the catalyst
for fun and adventure. It is rewarding and an excellent to learn a few
phrases. Of the local languages.

Can I bring my children?
Yes, all minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian and must meet
minimal physical requirements to ensure safety. Adult ages typically
range from the mid 18’s to the mid 80’s. It is often refreshing and
stimulating to have a full spectrum of ages on each trip. This
provides us with a broader perspective and richer experience. We also
offer custom trips for families and youths and old aged.

Will there be opportunities to catch fish on our fishing tours?
Yes! East Africa’s lakes and rivers  do not require a license for
fresh water fishing. There is nothing quite like catching your own
dinner and cooking fresh fish on the vacation.. If you would like to
fish we recommend you to inform us when signing up .We can order fish
at the local restaurants. Fresh food is also commonly enjoyable and
greatly available.

Do I need to know much about river Rafting & kayaking?
Not necessarily. In each Trip Description we state whether prior
experience is necessary. All of our Trips and many of our vacation.
Trips are open to every body. Our experience is the best as we depend
on word of mouth, that’s what has made us successful at Active African


What are the Mountains like?
The rugged glaciated peaks of East Africa & National Parks will take
your breath away. The conditions are favourable for every hikers. You
don’t need to be a climber in order to enjoy Africa’s hiking . You
just need to be in good shape/condition and enjoy hiking in East
africa’s environments.

Where is East Africa?
East Africa is  found in one of Africa’s / Black continent  formally
it covers 3 countries  Uganda, Kenya and  Tanzania  but of recent, Rwanda and Burundi have also become members of east Africa thus
increasing the member states to 5 countries

Are the porters well trained  trained?
Yes, even though they are porters but they have all the experience one
needs when climbing these mountains and they provide plier climbing
skills to first hikers  during the There are a few precautions that
will help you maintain a happy relationship

How much do they carry?
Normally each hiker is given  2 porters who carry his belonging to the
mountain  and they carry  between 10-12 kgs Each porter can carry
approximately 12 kgs. We use them to carry clients  related
equiopments  such as food,. carry their own personal things

What’s the terrain like in East africa?
It’s a hilly and rugged  setting with patches of forest and   thickets
and streams abound.. We can not guarantee that we will see all these
interesting features due to changes in weather some times the streams
go dry. but the chances are there.

Will there be opportunities to catch fish?
Yes, there are trout and arctic char in the lakes and streams. Fishing
licenses are available and can be bought for the day or week. We have
a couple set ups for spin and fly fishing. We encourage enthusiasts to
bring their own fishing gear.

Preparing to Take a Trip
What’s the deposit and payment schedule?
For regularly advertised trips there is a 35% deposit to reserve your
space. The balance is due 14 days before the trip departure. All
payments must be made in US dollars.

. If you decide to take a private trip with us is assured that all
will be okay for your trip no waiting in long queues. Once you accept
a Private Trip Itinerary you are subject to the same deposit as our
regularly scheduled trips. Please contact us if you have questions
about deposits and payments.

What information will I receive once I sign up?
Immediately after we receive your deposit, we’ll send you a Trip
Information Packet containing: an equipment list, reservation &
release of liability form, terms and conditions, medical form,
detailed itinerary, invoice, insurance information, and other travel
information needed to prepare for your trip.

Do I need travel insurance?
Yes you need to have atravel insurance  active African vacation is not
reliable  for any of the above it’s the clients responsibility to
undertake his/her insurance cover before ones takes his adventure trip
to Africa

Do I need a visa?
A valid passport is required though Visas can be attained upon arrival

What if I want to make an extension to another trip or even cancel my trip?
Should you cancel less than 40 days prior to the trip, a refund 20%
will be charged only  if you cancel  between 20-39 days 30% will be
charged ,2-19days 50% will be charged, 0-1 day full amount of the
safari will be cahrged. All notification of cancellations must be in
writing. If you want to make an extention of your trip, you need to
inform us in advance  .. No refunds will be given for unused lodging,
meals, transportation, entertainment events and other services once
the trip has started.

Can you help me with booking a flights  for my trip to Africa?
Yes we can  organize that for you in case entrust us to handle that for you  we can provide some information on airlines, lodging ,stop overs
shoping areas banking information etc. We would be happy to recommend
things to do, place to go and sights to see before or after our trip.
If you have more questions … please call or send an  email us