2 Days Uganda Adventure Safari

//2 Days Uganda Adventure Safari
2 Days Uganda Adventure Safari 2015-04-23T14:29:20+00:00


Looking for the queen Termite Mounds
Another hard adventure activity in Uganda would be spending the time molding the Anti hill. These large moulds that are put up by the large termites but every body is impressed by the cooperation nature of the termites. The anti hill is comprising by thousands and thousands of termite who safe guard the queen  the queen has segmented body structure which keeps on increasing and widening as the queens years also increases. Termites moulds , these are huge column like structures that look like Medieval Cathedrals. which are built by termites. If a section of these mounds have been broken open, they are immediately guarded and protected by Soldier Termites. For defense these "soldiers" can eject a chemical substance with accuracy over several centimeters our 2 days can be spent deep in the bush adventure through looking for queen of the termites.


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